Monday, August 12, 2013

Sorry for the long time since my last blog. I had some issues with my password. Hopefully that is now corrected.

The Aztec Trade show will be held next week. For some reason right before a trade show I become very creative. New ideas for products just "Pop" into my head.  It doesn't make it easy getting ready for the show. Once I design a new product I need to make enough to bring to the show. It needs to be packaged, priced, entered on my website, added to my price list and entered on my invoice program.

Creating a new product is almost like giving birth :) Once my new mini is perfected it usually leads to the creation of another and sometimes another. The process makes me attached to my new creation. I don't want to part with it. I carry it around with me for a few days, look at it often and show it to all I seebefore I am ready to  put it into production. It is always exciting to show new products at a trade show and my see customers reactions.

This is my new Tan Sport Sleeping Bag set with Bean Bag Chair. You can see all of my creations on my website, click on "New Products" & "New Decorative Dishes"

"Till next time,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is my first blog. Hurray me!

I have been handcrafting collectable miniature accessories since 1978. I have become known for my ceramic dinnerware sets and decorator dishes.

Here is a photo of my "fiesta like" ceramic dinnerware and ceramic accessory pieces. I also make flatware, glassware and place mats & napkins to coordinate with my ceramic dinnerware.

In future blogs I will take you on a tour of the items I have added to my line over the years. I will also show you new items as they are created ...... and I am always creating.

'Till next time,